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Christmas already?
My Royal Christmas List
I know that it is only the second day of November, but knowing that after this year all I'll be getting for Christmas is socks I have decided to get a head start on my Christmas list. I wanted to fill my list with the most awesome stuff I could think of and this is what I came up with. Here it is:

(Extra cool stuff is in bold.(That's all of it.))
*Contra for NES
*Memento (DVD)
*Rocky DVD Collection
*Fight Club (DVD)
*Star Trek DVD collection
*Firefly (DVD)
*Star Wars DVD collection (4-6)
*DND Player’s Manual, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master Guide… (all for 3.5)
*Pound o’ Dice ( or Tenth Planet)
*Dice bag (Amazon, Dicepool, Etsy, Tenth Planet, Etc.)
*Portal Weighted Companion Cube “Fuzzy Dice” (ThinkGeek)
*Star Trek Bathrobe (Kirk) (ThinkGeek)
*Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Collection
*The Hobbit (Fantasy Flight board game)
*Mein Kampf
*English/German Dictionary
*Autobiographies/biographies on cool people (See me for a list of cool people.) 
*Informative books (Cool topics include WW1 and 2, Astronomy, Astrology, Medieval Times, etc.)
*Visa Gift Card/ Money
*Nintendo 64 games
*Nintendo 64 controllers
*Sega Genesis controllers
*V for Vendetta Graphic Novel (Alan Moore)
*Art Supplies
* Watercolor Pencils (preferably Faber Castel)
*Hardbound Sketchbooks
*Batman: Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (Graphic Novel)

I don't expect to get all of this. In fact, I don't even expect to get half of this but I wanted to make sure I enjoyed my last Christmas as a 'child' by making this ridiculous list.

Other useless but really awesome crap can be found on my amazon wishlist.

To sum this entry up, what will you be hoping to find under the tree this year?


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