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Summer fails.
This is just an update on how lame my life is, or how lame my summer has been. For the first week and a half of my summer I spent it enjoying my freedom by sleeping in late, playing games, and having my good friend, Beth, over. After that, I spent a whole, miserable three weeks in the state they call Florida doing absolutely nothing but playing on my mom's laptop and going to the lame beach where I became terribly burnt. The ride home was just craptastic. We got a flat tire twice and lost the lights on our trailer three times (we were hauling a car back with us). On top of this, I was burnt, still, and my younger brother got sick and vomited while being stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. After we returned I did nothing for a week because Beth has been busy with work, and all my other friends are males which means we can only hang out at parks and places of that sort. I went to my uncle's wedding in Michigan and was there for two days. It was nice to see family. The next two following weeks I have spent working on my movie list, watching Firefly, playing Sims, learning a new song, adding more stuff to a costume, and trying to get a real job. Yesterday I went to Deep River Waterpark with a friend, Suzy, and I am now burnt again. Gencon Indy started today and I am missing out on all the awesome fun and costumes. On the bright side, this time next year I should be living in Indianapolis. Therefore, I will not need to worry about lodging or gas prices. I also have more time to work on costumes. That is all, so long.


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